Sunday, November 14, 2010

The girls outside of the Conference center in UT!!

On our way home from Utah this summer we stopped in Vegas!!! Not so kid friendly, We took the kids to the Pirate show at Treasure!! Luckily they didn't understand all the inuendos but the sure made me want to leave. Overall it was fun!!

This is my crazy Sada, She left the ears on the whole time.

This is Ella and her best buddie Katherine.....butterflies together!!

The Girls were "double trouble", Barbie Mariposa, adn Minnie Mouse!! This was at our trunk r treat!!

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You sure have cute girls! I couldn't help but laugh about the TI show....good grief.....Ian already asks us why some women are "half naked"??? He notices that they aren't the Weber State cheerleaders. LOL! Anyway, I for one am glad that you came for a visit last summer! So fun!